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No job too big, no job too small. Straightforward and to the point removal of trees across the beautiful city of Brisbane – North, South, East or West – we come to you!

– We are a team of professionals.
– We clean up after ourselves.
– We have public liability insurance.
– We use the best tree equipment to get the job done.
– We have qualified & experienced tree experts on board.
– We give you an affordable expert tree service in Brisbane. Simple.

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Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland, located on the East coast of Australia. Home to the Brisbane River, it is home to just under 2.5 million people who enjoy its humid, sub tropical climate. Brisbane is known for year round sunshine, thunderstorms in the summer and mild, dry winters.

Tree removals is the act of removing a tree, simply put. The reasons for removal of a tree include disease, damage or obstruction. Tree removals is a science and an art and should always be conducted by a qualified, experienced and well trained professional.

Combine the city of Brisbane with tree removals and you get

Always check that your Brisbane tree removalist knows the law and knows their trees. Never work with anyone who will willingly break the law and conduct tree removals without local council approvals and permissions. We only take on a job when we know it is legal to do so. This way we all avoid breaking the law, paying fines or worse!

At, our job is to remove trees in a safe and clean manner. We take great care in safeguarding property and the lives of our team, you and those on the property (including pets!). This is why we have a significant public liability insurance policy in place for the benefit of both us and our customers. view of brisbane river and city from kangaroo point

Some of the common reasons why people choose us for Tree Removals in Brisbane:

  • trees look like they are sick or diseased
  • trees are growing awkwardly or out of shape
  • trees are blocking access to important parts of the property like driveways and entrances
  • trees are reaching over into neighbouring properties
  • trees need a bit of a trim to control growth
  • trees have been damaged through storms and inclement weather
  • trees pose a safety risk to property, people and animals
  • people simply need advice on the trees growing on their property
The team has a great level of expertise, knowledge and experience in all things related to trees.
You can be assured that our services are carried out by professionals who know what they’re doing.
You don’t have to worry about a hack job done by amateurs – because that’s not us!

trees at southbank brisbane

What also sets us apart from other tree removalists in Brisbane is that our service is very clean. We make sure that once the job is done, we leave the property in better shape than when we found it. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up after us.
We encourage the planting of native trees to help strengthen local ecosystems. We are also skilled to help you spot foreign species that can harm the local environment. We know how to remove these intruders safely and can help you pick out better tree alternatives.
Brisbane is a beautiful city and we are proud to live, work and play in this lush, green part of South East Queensland. We love our city and we love our work as the premier tree removalists in Brisbane.

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